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How about #familiaReviverdes? We hope that after the advice of lights Y smells that we have left you in the 2 previous parts of this trilogy, your room is your favorite corner of the house! We already know that some have decided to do the DIY's that we proposed to you (the home air freshener, the garland of lights and homemade candles) and we are sooo but very happy

In this section, the last of this super trilogy, We are going to talk about the "core" of the room: the decoration.

We are not referring only to furniture itself, but to decorative elements and the materials with which these elements are made. 

Of course, those of you who already know us know that we are committed to sustainable and recovered wood as the main element of decoration. (In Javi's video of his Room Tour You can see how beautiful it is!) But there are many ways to include wood as decoration, and we hope this post inspires you to include more sustainable elements.

In general, to make a room seem more welcoming, we can apply several tricks: 

1. Choose a warm and soft palette of colors. 

When choosing warm colors, the rooms will always tend to be more welcoming than if we choose cold colors. For example, if we are thinking of painting the wall of our room white and we want to get a cozy plus, we can choose a tone "Off white" or beige instead of a nuclear target. We in particular do not like the mixture of very bright colors, that's why we always we try to choose a soft palette in which one or two colors at most are the protagonists. We leave you some examples:

room 2
room 3

Considering that we love fill the corners with plants to always be in contact with nature, our top colors would be a palette of beige or wood tones, with touches mustard or mint color that is so fashionable now for summer, without forgetting the green that natural elements offer us.

Our best example:

room 4

2. Combine textures in the elements that make up the room.

The combination of textures of furniture, blankets, rugs, walls ... It seems essential to us when it comes to achieving harmony in the room. 

Usually, We do not have the same type of textures in summer as in winter. For example, if we have rugs in the room, the safest thing is that we remove them in summer or change them for lighter ones. Or if we have duvets and blankets on the bed, they disappear as soon as the heat enters to replace them with much cooler bedding.

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We are going to take advantage of the fact that summer is approaching to give you some texture combination ideas for your room. To us, particularly we like to combine linen with wooden furniture or natural decorative elements of esparto or wicker. For example baskets or natural fiber rugs that give a very special touch to the rooms, with linen textures in curtains or bedding. We leave you some photos that inspire us a lot.

habitación 6
room 7

You already know that Whenever we can, we try to recommend small businesses and this time, since we are talking about esparto, we would like to recommend you (if you live in Granada) The Espartería de San José, who are true artists and do wonderful things handcrafted.

If you are looking for decorative elements that are in tune with the line of colors that we have said, but that at the same time have a lot of personality you can add wicker baskets or chairs In which you can put cushions or blankets and give it a special touch. 

room 8
habitación 9

3. Choose decorative elements with personality.

At Reviverdes we create decoration with historyWe like to know that we are giving a new "life" to pieces that at first seemed destined for disposal. For that also We encourage you to consume responsible and that you inform yourself well where the materials come from of the things you buy. 

Some elements that they give a lot of personality to the rooms, they are paintings. Now you have new models available on our website, but you already know that they are fully customizable and you can always contact us if you have an idea in mind.

wooden cactus painting
horse wood picture
room 10

For us a must-have are the hanging shelves. Some time ago they became very fashionable, and they came to stay. We have been improving them over time until we reach a system in which you can create your own fully customizable hanging shelf, and also, if you want to know how to decorate it and make it look like a magazine, you can't miss THIS BLOG.

room 11
habitación 12

And to finish with these mini tips we are going to propose you one last DIY you can do for 2 different objects!

1.Create your own vase with glass bottles and rope.

What do you need?

  • Rope
  • Glass bottles
  • Scissors
  • Extra strong glue or silicone gun
  • Your favorite flowers

Steps to do it:

  • Take the glass bottle or bottles you have chosen and wash it well before you start.
  • It is a very very simple. You just have to take the rope and start gluing it on the bottle, winding it from the neck of the bottle to the bottom. You can also leave some parts uncovered or start lower (we think it is more beautiful)
  • When you have the entire bottle covered, cut the string with the scissors.
  • To glue the rope you can use glue, although we recommend silicone.
  • Let it dry for a couple of hours.
  • Put your favorite flowers and enjoy your new vase.
  • Extra: you can hang tags with the name of the flowers for example or choose colored rope.

2. Decorate your mirrors with string and make them look designer.

habitación 15

What do you need?

  • Any mirror that you have at home and want to change (we recommend that it be round if possible because it is easier).
  • Rope
  • Cork or wood for the base. (If you don't have wood or cork, you can also use cardboard for the base.
  • Extra strong glue, silicone or glue
  • Scissors

Steps to do it.

  • First you must get the base of the diameter you want, we advise you to take into account the size of the rope that you are going to use and calculate how many turns will fit in the base.
  • Once you have the base, you have to glue the mirror to it with the silicone or the glue.
  • When it is dry, you just have to glue the rope with the silicone around it, making it a kind of frame.
  • Hang your mirror in your room, and discover that it looks like something out of a design store 😉

 We hope you put our little tricks into practice! We really want to see all of your DIYs 🙂

And so far the last part of this super trilogy!

P.S.: as a last piece of advice we recommend that you keep order. Although everything is not perfectly placed, when things are seen in their place they are usually more appealing, transmit calm and the same will happen with your room.

Until next time #familiaReviverdes <3

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