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How about #familiaReviverdes? Do you already have your home air freshener? 😉

We start with the second part of this TRILOGY of tricks for what your rooms become the most welcoming room in the house.

In this section we are going to talk about another fundamental issue for the room: the lighting.


As with smells, when we enter places with several dim light spots, we usually feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed that when we enter rooms full of artificial light, which sometimes even becomes annoying. Of course, we are talking about times when we are not going to do any activity that requires too much light (we must be careful with this so as not to damage our eyes due to lack or excess of light !!) 

Occasionally We have already left you some tips in our Instagram profile every time we talk to you about our lamps. But in summary, we tell you that as long as we choose an orange or yellowish light (less than 4000K), and not white (greater than 4000K), the environment will tend to be warmer and more welcoming. That is why in our lamps we usually use these bulbs that give off this type of light, because we like to create special and cozy environments, although you can always change the bulb depending on the use you are going to give that place. 


In the latest collection MERAKI, in addition to continuing to have special and unique pieces like our lamp NEST, hWe include others, smaller, which serve perfectly to achieve that effect we are talking about.

On Instagram, you have been able to get to know them over the last few months.


lamps to make your room more cozy


For example, the lamp SARUKH that for us has its own charm, (since not only its wood is doubly recovered, but its lampshade is also made with scraps of fabric, you know that we like to make the most of all the materials that come to our hands) it is perfect if you are looking for a point of light for your bedside table or desk. And on the other hand, we have the lamp EMBER, one of your favorites, which thanks to its size is perfect for any corner, and causes the same effect in the environment. 

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room 3


In addition, it is preferable that you have different points of light in the room, instead of just using the ceiling spotlights. In this way, the light will be dispersed in a softer way throughout the room and will make everything seem neater, and at the same time, more pleasant.

Of course, you can also use candles and in this way, they would be serving two things, giving the room the smell we want (as we told you in the part I) and help to have that dim light that we are looking for. The important thing is to create that atmosphere adapted to the cozy moment thanks to a soft and warm light.


Another of our latest additions in development have been the LIGHT BOXES.

On the web you have available 2 prototypes, but actually they are fully customizable: You can always contact us and tell us your idea so that we can work together and achieve the best result 😉 The light boxes create indirect lighting towards the wall and makes it go through the shapes of the wooden boards inside. Further, can include constellations, words or messages that make them even more special.


room 4

And to finish with the lighting theme, in the absence of one… .we are going to propose two DIY !! 




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What do you need?

  • Pieces of candles that no longer serve 
  • A glass jar
  • A wick
  • Essential oils or aroma of your choice (the easiest is usually vanilla)
  • A saucepan
  • Something to stir: a wooden stick is usually best.

Steps to do it

  • We put the pieces of old candles in the saucepan and heat it until they begin to melt.
  • We turn off the fire, we include the aroma or essential oil that we have chosen, we stir and let the heat of the saucepan itself melt the pieces that are still a little whole. 
  • Once the mixture is tempered, we pour it over the glass jar and include the wick inside, letting its end stick out.
  • We let it cool down and the wax becomes hard. If there is a lot of wick left over, we trim it.

EXTRA: Place the candle in your favorite place and enjoy its smell and light !!!




room 6


We are going to propose you two options:

The first is that if by chance you have balloons at home and you don't know what to do with them, use them for your garland. But we advise you to please try to decorate your parties in the future with other types of materials since balloons CANNOT be recycled, so let's think a little more about the environment 🙂

And the second option and the one that we recommend, is to use cardboard cups or even the cardboard from toilet paper rolls. 

Option with BALLOONS What do you need?

  • Balloons (only if you already have them at home and you don't know what to do with them, don't buy more plastic, please!).
  • Tail
  • Water
  • Thread or rope (try to take advantage of scraps or scraps that you have at home)
  • LED lights (small)
  • Needle

Steps to do it.

  • You should first blow up the balloons, but not too much. It all depends on the size of the balls you want to have in your garland. We advise you to be something similar to a tennis ball. 
  • Once the balloons are inflated, you must mix the glue with a little water in a container and introduce the thread or rope you have chosen (it can also be done with several colors of thread). 
  • When the threads are completely wet, you must take the balloons and surround them little by little with the thread, leaving a gap in which the LED light that we are going to use in the part of the balloon knot fits. Tip: Try not to cover the balloon completely since it will be through the holes in the threads where the light that we are going to put on it escapes.
  • Let the balloons dry and once everything is completely dry, use the needle to pop the balloons. The structure of the threads should be completely solid. (By the way, the remains of the balloons do not go to the yellow container, that material cannot be recycled so they go to the organic one, with this we hope to make you think about it).
  • Insert the lights through the spaces that have been where the knots were before and if they are not completely attached, tie them with some knots and rope to the new balls.

Option with CARDBOARD What do you need?

  • Cardboard or cardboard cups from toilet paper rolls
  • Painting
  • Brush
  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Led lights

Steps to do it.

  • If the glasses are not very thick, you can simply decorate them with paint or paper cutouts of other colors and insert the LED lights through the base of the glass. Help yourself with the scissors to open a small hole and be able to insert the lights through it.
  • If you use the cardboard from the toilet paper rolls, you can decorate them with paint or with paper in other colors. Once the paint is dry, you can use the utility knife or scissors to cut out shapes where the light can pass through.
  • When you have the cartons of the dry and trimmed rolls, you only have to make 2 holes facing each other on the edges and insert the cables there leaving the light installed inside.

EXTRA: In case you don't want to use paint, you can also use paper of other colors to decorate and give it a different touch. And now you just need to place it in a beautiful place and enjoy your garland!

We hope you liked it a LOT and that you send us photos of your DIYs 😉

Remember that on Saturday, day 9, you will have part 3 available of this super TRILOGY in which os we will talk about DECORATION.

See you soon #familiaReviverdes !!! <3

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