About us?

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Reviverdes Dad. Entrepreneur in love with nature, always ready to make those around him feel at ease.

It is our creative mind. His hands go from design, to reviving materials, to the last touch of packaging.

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She is ours Community Manager, expert in making calendars and the one in charge of getting you the best possible content.

She is always attentive to your comments on networks, so if you ask us anything, we will gladly answer you.

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In charge of wood preparation and other materials that we use in our workshop for various collections and special events.

It belongs to the people who makes you laugh in any situation and time of day.


So that you know us a little more, we tell you our story ...

It sounded very complex to transfer from the head that idea that fluttered about caring for the environment, creating elements that were beautiful with your hands and setting up a business out of it without having knowledge of how to start a business.

When Javi finished his degree (he is a technical architect) he was lost without knowing which way to go. But, suddenly, the program Talent from UGR Entrepreneur and it was launched. Thanks to his process, he was able to give wings to that project that was being created.

Little by little it grew this idea. And after many changes, effort and creativity, it became a business project with which to capture a large part of what was germinating.


about us? 4


After this and thanks to knowing so many people with that motivation and experience, Reviverdes began to take its first steps in the world of entrepreneurship.

One of our achievements that we are very proud of was winning the silver medal of the VII Entrepreneurship Contest of the University of Granada, an intense experience that has made it possible to grow this project a little more.

Do you want to see what it was like to live this experience in the first person? ... as Javi shows it to you on our YouTube channel:



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  • Cousin Vanessa

    JAVI, thank you for your commitment to nature and starting a future job based on something so important to improve our world, such as protecting it.
    Many more creative minds are needed that are committed to the environment.
    He already did it since he was little and his mother always strengthened his artistic side that they share today.

    Our family carries it in their blood because we all, in one way or another, share that vital need, but you have made it visible and possible.

    I feel very proud of you.
    Always count on us. Bss

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