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Hello Reviverdes family!

This time we stopped by to talk to you about a Entrepreneurship and Creativity Workshop that we did some time ago at the Higher Technical School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) of the University of Granada thanks to the invitation of Amara and Irene de J-Edina.

We found it very interesting to vlog about that day so that you could see everything that happened first-hand. This workshop had the fundamental objective of disconnecting for a few hours and Unleash creativity and entrepreneurial sentiment.

Apart from talking about ourselves and how we created Reviverdes, we were working the creative process involved in creating a product, from the ideation, through its manufacture and the subsequent sale of it. For the practical part, we brought them pieces of recovered wood that we have left over in the Reviverdes workshop so that, with those pieces as a base, the attendees had to create a new product. After this, each team had to present it to the rest and try to sell it in the best possible way.

Was a very dynamic workshop and we had a great time, so do not hesitate and click on the video to see everything. 


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