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Customer Support

We have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and a channel on YouTube. You can also find the link to our networks at the bottom of our website.

We have direct notifications to our devices so we respond as soon as work allows us each day.

You can contact us through the mail, you can also write to us by WhatsApp at 680167938 and you can also write to us through our social networks.

Purchasing process

If you have a coupon code, after adding the product to the cart, it will direct you to the "basket" page, where you can write the code and click on the "apply coupon" option.

Of course we do;), we are specialists in making personalized products. We can customize the products that we already have in our online store and also, if you have an idea in mind, get in touch with us and we will make it come true.

In the Reviverdes workshop we prepare all the products and their packaging with great care, so it is important that when the parcel company delivers the shipment to you, you inspect it to see that they have treated it the same as we have. At the moment, it has not happened to any client but, if you see that it has any external damage, notify the dealer at that time and we will solve it as quickly as possible.

On our website we currently have these two options to make the payment: by bank transfer or by secure card payment. In Reviverdes we have linked our bank BBVA and the Servired / RedSys platform so that you can pay in a totally SAFE way with a card.

We do our shipments with parcel service. We have 2 shipping options:

Standard shipping: 5-10 days.
Express delivery 24 - 48 hours.

Get in touch with us so that we can come up with the best way to do it and thus have everything ready for your event.

Whenever you make a new order, we are in close contact with you to show you exactly what the product you are going to buy is like. If you buy it directly from the web and when it arrives you don't like it, you can have a completely free return. The only case in which the return cannot be made is if we customize the product for you, but we put so much love on customer service and our products that we have a 0% for returns.

We send our products lovingly packaged and wrapped with exterior and interior materials as sustainable as we can 😉

From our website you can buy and send products to all of Spain, including the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla (the cost of shipping outside the peninsula is different). If you want to buy one of our products from another part of the world, get in touch with us and we will make it happen.


At Reviverdes we have the philosophy of being as sustainable as we can with everything we manufacture. For this reason, our products are made of reclaimed wood, wood from sustainable forests, fallen branches that we recover,…. We also use natural ropes, materials that we recycle, recyclable packaging, ...

The wood that enters our workshop is always treated with great care. We make the most of it, cut it, store it and treat it in the best possible way so that it can have a second life and that they become very durable products.

All of our products are manufactured by 100% by hand in our small workshop in a town in Granada and with the aim that the entire system is fully sustainable.

You can check all the characteristics and measurements of each product by clicking on it and looking at the "description and characteristics" tab.

About the brand

It was a project that began with the idea of having sales with an online store, so for the moment the physical store is an idea that is being worked on.

You can check it in this section "Who We Are".

About us?

Our workshop is in a town in Granada called Moraleda de Zafayona, half an hour towards Malaga from the city. Our objective is that you can enjoy that environment and that you can see where our creative space is, so we will make future stays there. Although if you are interested in seeing it before, contact us and we will organize a day of visit 😉

The project is originally from Granada, in Andalusia, although the people who make it up are from different parts of the world.

Reviverdes was born in the life of Javi (the founder of the idea) and was developed through a UGR Entrepreneur program. You can find a lot of info on our social networks.

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