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Best 6 Ecofriendly products for your pet

Good family Reviverdes !! Today we bring you a blog to show you necessary and trending articles for your pet, and of course, we bring you the most ecofriendly versions 😉

Awareness for caring for the environment is taking shape in our homes. This has made us not only think about ways to recycle and reuse what we already have at home, we are also changing the way we consume. Society is finally seeing that buying "only 1 use" products have no logic, and that is why quality, sustainable and long-lasting products are the solution. 

Those of us who have pets know that it is a great responsibility, but it is also a great responsibility to be consistent with what we buy them. So in this article we are going to show you some tricks to be the most eco-friendly owners.

Here is our list:


1. What bags do you use?

If you have a dog, have you thought about the bags you use when you take it out for a walk? Well, if you don't know them, we present the biodegradable bags:

Pet 1

You can find them here:


2. What do you comb it with?

The interior of our houses is usually invaded by the hair of our little ones, and something essential to reduce it is to comb them with special combs. Have you thought in eco-friendly bamboo combs:

Pet 2

Here in we leave you several options:


3. Where are you eating?

The feeder is an article of daily use. Have you thought about it being made of sustainable materials? 

Our proposal for the Reviverdes family is based on a feeder made with reclaimed wood and metal bowls. A sustainable and long-lasting option. You can also personalize them with their name 😉

(Take a look at these hangers, made with the wood that we cut in a circle from the feeder)

Eco pet feeder

Click here to see it: 


4. Where do you rest?

It is important that our little ones feel comfortable, safe and comfortable inside our homes. In Reviverdes we have our unique designs of shelter beds in the shape of a Tipi for cats and small dogs. It is made with washable fabric and reclaimed wood 100 %. 

(It is a good sign that in the photo session our "Blanquita" did not want to get out of the Tipi XD)

Wooden cat teepee

Click here to see it:


5. Are you a daring person? And your pet?

If you are one of those who takes your pet to events and would like to give it a sustainable touch, you will surely like our wooden bow ties. In Reviverdes we can make them to match <3

dog with bow tie

Wooden bow tie

You can see them here:


6. What bites or scratches?

He denture development and nail wear of our pet is something fundamental in his life. They need to have toys to chew and scratch. So instead of plastic products, Why not have sustainable and eco friendly products? 

We suggest you buy natural hemp ropes for your dogs and wooden scratchers and natural rope for your kittens. 

Pet 3

Here the link:

Eco cat scratcher

Our scraper here:

And if you want to have something more personalized with your best friend, you can also have sustainable and personalized items for your home or to give as gifts:  

If you would like to have any of these personalized items, do not hesitate to contact us and if you have more ideas tell us about what you have in mind and we manufacture it!

From the Reviverdes team we always like to be able to contribute something different in each of the articles we create, we hope that in this we have made you see your purchases for your pet from a more sustainable perspective. And as a last tip, before buying something:

Think about:

  • Is it really necessary?
  • Is it really sustainable and will it last?

The planet will surely thank you <3

heart made of green leaves

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