1ª Exposición de Reviverdes 1

This was the 1st Reviverdes Exhibition !!

In this article I will tell you how was the 1st Exhibition of Reviverdes and how we felt it from the inside ...

The afternoon of October 27 it started with a lot of nerves.

Saúl (fundador de Pinno) había venido desde Málaga a mi casa con algo que parecía una selva dentro de su coche.

"We have to arrive early to hang the pictures, mount the lamps, put everything in order, finish the posters, print them, the food, buy the drinks, the glasses, ..." I would say stressed to Saúl.

We put between the two of us everything that was missing in the holes that we found in the car and also in the second car that would later come with my family. I was hoping it would arrive on time. And we went to Granada.

After 30 minutes we arrived in Granada, there was a lot of traffic, we were about 15 minutes from reaching Zapata Technical Study and I felt how my heart, which was already beating strong, started beating much faster when, from inside the car, I looked ahead and saw something that looked like smoke coming from the hood of the car.

I looked at Saúl and we both noticed what the other was thinking. "Oh my God, how do you leave the car with everything loaded here."

We took a deep breath and noticed that the stream of smoke calmed down when we stopped at traffic lights, so we went as slow as we could. We wandered until we reached the studio. "What a joy we had arrived."

We unloaded everything and went to leave the car at the nearest parking lot. When we park we raise the hood of the car and what do we find? Coolant cap removed and put to the side.

Turns out the car had been to the mechanic the day before and he had forgotten to put it on! The liquid had been evaporating and what was coming out of the hood had been steam and not smoke.

So we ran to prepare everything that was missing for the 1st Reviverdes exhibition, wondering how the event would go ...


«After an afternoon of real madness everything turned into a magic night clothed in proud looks. "



After having lived such a complete afternoon, we can only say:

THANKS for making our 1st Reviverdes exhibition, a moment of joy, of smiles and of proud looks towards us and what we had created.

It was a brutal experience to live the whole process and end with such a good reception by all of you. It was worth it to have passed almost 4 months designing, manufacturing and organizing an event that has been so beautiful for us.

I can only tell you that the exhibition stays permanently in Estudio Técnico ZapataThanks to Álvaro Zapata who has been giving us great support since the beginning of the project. Thus, if you spend another day in this studio, you will be able to see our creations up close for those of you who could not come on the 27th. We will renew and change our creations when they are sold. And they have already fallen in love with a few creations that will be gone in a very short time, so don't delay in going to see them !!

A big hug!! And see you soon 😉


If you want to see all the photos of the exhibition and the event, click on this link -> HERE.

And if you want to know our creations, their characteristics and prices, HERE you can see it !!





    • Revive

      Thank you very much Álvaro !! We hope that by putting the desire and a lot of work into it, everything will come out little by little 😉

      Best of all, we are enjoying these projects so much that we don't care how many hours we have to put in to get them.

      So thanks!! And a huge hug !!

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