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Hello Reviverdes family!

Are we going to displace our life? Many of us feel that September is the beginning of something different: projects, college, new job, school, etc. But we are sure that we can do it all! Now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate new habits in our life and that is precisely what we want to talk about.


We want to leave you 8 EASY TIPS TO DEPLASTIFY YOUR LIFE: 



When you've been to a hotel ... What have you done with the products they put in the bathroom for free? Have you thrown all the ones you didn't use into the suitcase without knowing what you will do with them? Next time think that if you leave them there unused, they can be put back in and you will save them making more products, and therefore more plastics.


desplastificar 1



You don't need unicorn floats to enjoy on the beach. It does not matter if it is a giant donut, a pineapple, a duckling or a unicorn. Don't listen to influencers! Think that they are easily punctured and with a simple blow of wind your colorful plastic can be carried out to sea so that at the time it is chopped up and becomes the false food of fish and other marine fauna.


desplastificar 2


Always carry with you ...


Have your reusable and BPA-free water bottle always with you. 95% in humans has BPA in their urine. BPA is a substance released by some plastics and is harmful to health and the environment. It is not known exactly what is the maximum dose of BPA that can be considered that it does not produce adverse effects on the health. 


desplastificar 3



When you go to the supermarket remember to bring your reusable bag. For example, the trunk of the car is a good place to always leave a few cloth or raffia bags at hand to use at those times.

If you like our organic cotton bag with the legend of the hummingbird on this LINK you can find it.

.Reviverdes Cloth Bag



Avoid using wet wipes as much as possible. They are a great threat to the environment and to the city's water management systems they are horrible. If you use them NEVER flush them down the toilet !!


How many times a month do you use the vending machines? All of these products generally have a large amount of plastic compared to the product inside. Try to anticipate that desire to eat and think about which local businesses you can buy from a piece of fruit or some nuts for always carry in the backpack and satisfy those… sweet moments!




If you are going to wrap a gift think about how nice, cheap and original it would be to wrap it in paper or newspaper. It only takes a little creativity and it can be very "nice" !!. You would save a good piece of plastic with a single use: break it to see what's inside and then throw it away to the trash, or if they have some environmental conscience, at least to the yellow container.


desplastificar 4



When you have to give something to small children try to buy wooden toys. When you walk into a toy store, you see that most of the products are 100% plastic, so ... Why not go back to those toys of yesteryear so ecological and that gave so much play to creativity?

In Reviverdes we have a new section with wooden toys in which we make the most of recovered wood to create objects with such beautiful use <3


Photo wooden game


These 8 points are small decisions that we are taking every day, do you dare to decide on the alternative that can help our planet?

¡¡From the Reviverdes family we encourage you to stop for a few seconds and think before buying!

And if you want look for sustainable gift ideas don't forget to take a look at our store here


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