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5 Autumn-inspired ideas for the home

Hello Reviverdes family! We hope you are taking good care of yourselves! We had not been here for a while and we wanted to come with new things. 

A few days ago we asked you for stories in Instagram (If you still do not follow us, you are missing a lot of things !!) If you wanted a blog about autumn decoration, taking advantage of the fact that we made a visit to a nursery that filled us with inspiration.

The cold is already coming, you feel like putting on the Nordic,… did you fancy the change of season? Do you like fall?

Here you can see the result of our stories:

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So your wishes are orders to us, and we've got down to business. We started!

For us, autumn is one of our favorite times of the year, that entry into the routine gives us a lot of energy (Although this year has been everything different and we are all a little more misplaced).

The arrival of the cold makes us want to create more welcoming spaces in our homes, full of blankets, tasty textures, and warmer colors ... that's why wood is perfect to combine with all that. Timber, apart from being one of the easiest natural elements to combine, it is a living material that will give a lot of warmth to your environment, and that is why we believe that it is essential to include it in the autumn decoration. 

We are going to give you 5 ideas of autumn inspiration for your homes. Keep reading!

1. Change (or add) the rugs: use different textures.

Like you we advised in spring / summer that of removing the rugs that we normally have in autumn and winter, Now is the time to get them back!

If in your case, you are one of those who keep the rugs but change the style and their textures (in summer we usually use much lighter and cooler fabrics), it is time to make that change.

Another option is to leave the fiber rugs cooler and simply put another on top of cotton or a nice textile, as a double rug. It is important that when we tread it is a warm and pleasant sensation so that when the temperatures are low we feel very comfortable in our house. 

Here are some fall décor inspiration ideas that we love:

As you can see, the colors earth, ocher and tile are the predominant colors and we love them!

2. Change the bedding, add nice blankets and different textiles.

As we said, the important thing is to feel comfortable in our home (especially in these times). The use of different textiles, tasty blankets on sofas and beds will give us a very cozy feeling and we promise that it will be very difficult to resist them.

Here are some fall inspiration:

We are very fan of the blankets made of linen, cotton or natural fabrics.

3. Use more wooden elements in home decoration

We already tell you in the trilogy to make your room more cozy, that natural elements such as wood achieved that warm effect that we often look for in our home.

That is why now more than ever in the autumn season we must include wooden furniture and natural elements, Also the wood color is a trend!

In this link you can find many of our products to give that cozy wood touch in your home -> Reviverdes decoration

Wood is a living material that becomes the perfect companion for any room in the house, from a coffee table, a painting or a hanging shelf. Any wooden furniture will be the perfect companion for those boiler and mustard cushions that are so much in trend and that we love.

4. Together with the plants you have give it a more autumnal touch: dried flowers in bouquets or vases

You already know that in Reviverdes we cannot miss the ¨green¨ touches in the decoration, and For us, plants are essential to feel comfortable in any room.

But it is also true, that now we want other types of flowers and plants to decorate our rooms, for example dried flowers (they blow us!)

fall 18

You can make very beautiful bouquets with this type of flowers, and the best thing is that they are dry they last forever.

Another of our favorite plants of all time is the famous Adam's Rib or Monstera, which for us always looks good in any season and in any place! Even in the fall decoration 😉

fall 22

5. Use sweeter essences for the smell of your house

And lastly, (and not least !! xD) the nice touch of smells. We have told you many times, but for us is something fundamental to feel that we are in a cozy space.

Now in autumn we once again crave the sweetest essences and leave behind the fresh aromas of summer. Some of our favorites are vanilla, eucalyptus, and rosemary, or roasted chestnuts. (and the smell of fresh coffee, but that's always !! xD)

fall 23

PS: if you are a big fan of American traditions, you cannot miss some good pumpkins in the deco!

fall 24

Finally we leave you a DIY super easy to do with the little ones in the house and make them participate in the decoration: wreaths with dry leaves.

  1. The only thing you need to find is a thin fallen branch, dry leaves with autumn tones, a piece of rope, a ball of thread and a needle!
  2. It is very simple, you just have to insert the thread with the needle through the leaves to create rows of dry leaves that you can then place on the branch. (Trick, if you want the leaves not to move, pass the thread twice through the leaf creating a small knot).
  3. Once you have those lines of leaves on the thread, tie them on the twig leaving the same space between them.
  4. And abracadabra !!! You already have a beautiful autumn garland <3
fall 25

You can also use thin rope, and other elements such as orange peel, bay leaf, and wooden balls to make something like this:

fall 26

And so far #familiaReviverdes! We hope that it has inspired you for your fall and we read on the following <3

A virtual hug and take care of you looooong !!!!

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