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5 Tips for decorating the room and spaces with children

Hello #familiaReviverdes! We are back here again with the aim that you get to disconnect for a while and give you a little more inspiration. 

Since the trilogy we did with tips to decorate your rooms It was a great success, today we come with something similar and that you have asked us a lot: tips for decorating spaces with children. It does not have to be only rooms, but games rooms, special corners of the house, outdoor spaces, ... whatever you want. Lately we are receiving a lot of personalized orders for children and therefore we have thought that it is the perfect time to give you some tricks on how you can decorate those spaces in your home dedicated especially to children.

So let's get started!!

1. Choose a color palette that conveys what you want.

A mistake that we usually make when we decorate spaces for children is that we forget a bit to follow the basic decorating and «aesthetic» advice, and among them is to use a color palette that transmits good feelings both to them and to us. Because we are children we do not have to fill everything with meaningless colors, we can follow a specific line, without forgetting that they are children.

kids palette

As a personal recommendation from Reviverdes, pastel colors combine great with furniture in natural wood tones 😉

2. Use wallpapers, paint with trendy shapes or contact illustrators

Painted paper:

Is a quick way to decorate an entire room in one afternoon and without having to cover the furniture to protect it. Our advice is that, depending on the skill you have, choose designs that are simpler or more complex to join together. There are some that to make each strip of paper combine with the other you have to do an XD master.

If you want to learn how to put it, here we leave you a link -> How to install wallpaper?

Paint with trendy shapes:

If you prefer to paint, we inform you that the new trend is based on creating and combining creative and visually refreshing shapes.

Down here we leave you some of these examples, what do you think?

ECO TIP -> if you are going to do it We recommend that you do not buy those infinite plastic furniture covers. If you already have them, reuse them as many times as you can. And if you need them, we suggest that you use old blankets or sheets that can fulfill that same function 😉

Would you like some illustration on the wall?

You already know that in Reviverdes we like to look for those more ecological options, so Instead of using vinyls, why don't you try contacting an illustrator to get that idea you have in mind? We think that it is something very necessary to value these works and on top of that you can meet an artist.

3. Games that really activate your creativity.

Thanks to @ we have learned the following:

When we offer the child a toy with many lights, buttons and sounds we are overriding your creativity. It is preferable to offer simple games, sets of pieces, blocks, ... that make you imagine and create. You have to put aside the belief that the more toys the happier and more entertaining you will be.

Whenever we made a game for children in Reviverdes we thought about sustainability and enhancing creativity with very natural elements. But thanks to @ we have finished understanding it.

We can make all the ideas of wooden games that you have in mind, but here you have some of these examples:

4. Use decorative elements that have durability in their growth and that you can use in more places in the house

We know that we have to enjoy the first years of our little ones because grow in the blink of an eye. There are elements that are mandatory to have and that they will not use when they grow up, the crib for example. But we can think about the rest of the decoration and furniture elements so that they have a greater durability in these years.

When you go to buy new decoration and furniture think:

Are they functional and do we like aesthetics? Will they be durable? At least until the complicated time of adolescence XD

ECO TIP -> we would add Are they sustainable?

We also advise you to choose a couple of them to be the protagonists of the space. It can be the bed that has a special wooden headboard, a beautiful shelf, a decorative ladder or a painting that you love.

If you are to use for example wooden furniture, try to continue with that trend in the children's room as well. Or choose accessories that go according to that. We give you some examples:

Wooden boxes for storing toys


The customizable Reviverdes light boxes or some of our floor lamps:

Some wooden coat rack

5. Make the child participate in the decoration

And finally, when the age of the little one allows it, it is always more fun when the little ones can participate in think or do something creative for your own spaces.

It will depend on the specific space and the possibilities that may occur to you. Take a look at these ideas that we leave you here so that you can have a blast decorating together 😉

children 8
children 9
children 10

And this is all #familiaReviverdes! We hope that it will inspire you, that you enjoy this stage a lot and we will read next time <3

A virtual hug from the strong !!

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