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12 habits that will change your life

Hello Reviverdes family !! How are you?? We hope you are still in good spirits and full of energy, but for If you need a shot of positive energy, we pass through here !! Throughout this article we are going to share 12 habits that we think are vital.

You already know that in recent months we have been through very difficult situations and most of us were not mentally prepared. Mental well-being is very important, that's why we have thought about sharing you what has helped us stay mentally strong.

In addition, as we told you on our Instagram, these months have served us as reflection, and appreciating the little things has now made more sense than ever. 

Conscious consumption

It is the best time to support all local businesses. You already know that in Reviverdes we bet a lot on it, but now more than ever we have to help each other and not only that, help our planet. For that it is essential to be more aware of what we consume, the materials that compose it, where it comes from, if it is a recyclable product,… everything is important to start consuming less and better. 

Responsible consumption

Turn off your mobile and pay more attention to your surroundings.  

It is true that technology has helped us a lot to be in contact with people that we were not close to during these months, but that does not mean that we live in a world where personal relationships are every time colder. We suggest that you do this for a day and tell us how you felt being "disconnected" from the outside. 

Look for activities that don't need technology. Prepare a surprise dinner with your family, play with your pet, read a book, listen to music and start dancing, cook your favorite dessert or start that activity that you have been thinking about for a long time and have not yet encouraged ... there are many options to disconnect and relax . What would you like to do?

The habit of disconnecting

Do a general cleaning from time to time and give away what does not work for you

Surely these weeks you have realized the amount of things that we accumulate over the years and that we are not very aware of. We encourage you to do a thorough cleaning and to start giving away or donating what does not serve you or do not use.  We already told you in our post things to do during quarantine that a great idea was to change and clean the cabinets, if you have not done it yet, now is the time! Also, did you know that living in an orderly space makes you much more productive?

Have you still not managed to reduce your plastic consumption? 

In one of our articles last month: "9 tips to reduce plastic in your home" We gave you ideas and tips on how you could reduce the consumption of plastic at home in a simple way: from the use of containers of different materials, cloth bags, bulk purchases ... etc. go ahead and start reducing the plastic in your house!

The habit of consuming less plastic

Plan your day when you wake up or the night before.

Write down the tasks or goals that you have to achieve during the day, and above all, be realistic with them. At the end of the day you can cross off everything you have finished (or ticks, if you prefer;)) in this way you will feel much more productive, satisfied and consequently more motivated. How about buying a diary to plan for the rest of the year? 

Decorate with reclaimed wood. 

Why cut down more trees to make your furniture or decoration if you can recover wood to make them just as beautiful? It is the philosophy of companies that work with a circular economy, in which everything has a second life as in Reviverdes. 

The habit of remove complaints and negativity from your life. 

You can always find the positive side of any situation. Sometimes it is very difficult. We know it, but it is good to practice it whenever we can. Being negative can emotionally harm you and those around you, and on many occasions we do not realize it. Have you noticed how many times you are negative each week? It can be a good exercise in self-awareness.

Have more plants in your house and create a routine to take care of them. 

You may be one of the people who naturally have that gift of knowing how to take care of them or the people who cannot keep a cactus alive, but It is super proven that having these natural and green elements in our environment help us in many aspects of our life. Plants clean the air, make us more productive and also add a beautiful touch to any space. How about looking THIS LINK, in which we talk about which plants are the best for our home and start increasing the green family at home;)? 

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The habit of Write positive every day in your "journal."

We have begun to create a routine in which thinking about the good things of the day has helped us a lot to stay mentally strong. It is true that there are days when it is difficult to see something positive, but they do not have to be great things, simply nice little things that happened to you that day and for which you are grateful.

habit 3

There are people who call it a gratitude journal, because it is more of a reflection of positive thoughts to be thankful for. In our Instagram Stories we leave this template that you can see below for all those who would like to share it.

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Learn to meditate.

Meditation has countless benefits. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, it reduces stress and anxiety, improves attention and emotional stability, increasing positive thoughts. Nothing better than meditating these days, right? Make meditation a daily activity and you will feel the results.

We have started to include meditation at the beginning of our day and sometimes before bed to relax and we can assure you that it works very well for us. Closely related to this ... comes the next tip.

habit 5

Make physical exercise a habit so that your body is active and healthy.

If you are used to exercising, it is best to create a weekly habit that adapts to your routine and you can maintain it. And for those who would like to start with this habit, we suggest that you try to get hooked on yoga, and in this way you will also be incorporating meditation (2 in 1 hehe). We know that at first it costs a bit, especially for those of you who are impatient, but We assure you that in just two weeks you will begin to see results. Do you already have a mat? Look at these cork.

habit 6

And last but not least ...

Develop your creativity.

We encourage you to try our DIYs that we proposed in the trilogy for cozy rooms, they are super easy if you are starting in this craft. But if it's not your thing, There are thousands of options to exploit that creativity that we all have inside: play your favorite instrument, compose a song, write poems, draw, paint watercolors, learn a new language, ... whatever you want, but keep your mind active that in the end is the important thing!

And so far #familiaReviverdes… We hope we have inspired you and you start with these habits. We recommend 100% and if you do, please tell us how you have felt with these small changes.

Take good care of yourselves and until next time! <3

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